The Licensing Trust is run by 6 trustees who live in the Birkenhead area. The trustees are elected every 3 years by the residents of Birkenhead at the same time as the Auckland Council elections. The  6 trustees also become members of the Birkenhead Charitable trust which owns The Good Home bar in Birkenhead. The trustees meet once a month to review grant applications.

Our Trustees

Bill Plunkett - President

Bill has been President of the Birkenhead Licensing Trust since he was first elected in 1998. He is a real estate licensee in Birkenhead. He is also a member of the Lotteries Community Facilities Committee, a trustee of ASB Community Trust, and a member of the Ministry of Social Development's Community Response Forum, Auckland North. A Birkenhead Rotary Club member, Bill is also a marriage celebrant and was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1996. He holds a postgraduate diploma in occupational safety and health.


Marilyn Nicholls

Marilyn has been a resident of Birkenhead for the past 38 years and elected as a Licensing Trust member since 2004 to the present day, during this period she has been proud to be involved with the purchase of our two premises, The Slipp Inn in Highbury and the Inn Field Bar in Glenfield. 

The success of these businesses, generate the gaming funds which are distributed back into our local area for the benefit of our residents and community. Marilyn’s involvement in the trust has seen a business approach taken to ensure the Licensing Trust remains in a healthy financial state especially in the current financial climate. 

Marilyn has three sons who have grown up in Birkenhead and attended the local schools, Chelsea, Birkenhead and Birkdale Intermediate as well as Birkenhead and Northcote Colleges. As a Justice of the peace as well as a Marriage a Civil Celebrant, Marilyn is extensively involved in the community. 
Marilyn always represents local views fairly and as a former Councilor and Community Board member she strongly understands and loves the community she live’s in.


Stuart Weir

Stuart is a long term resident of Birkenhead, a past student at Verrans Road Primary, Birkdale Intermediate and Birkenhead College and has played sport for a number of local clubs.

He is a partner of a small commercial and property law practice based in Greenlane.

He really enjoys the role the Trust plays in our local community. He sees the Trust as having a unique opportunity to help a lot of people in our community through the funds that the Trust is able to provide to the various schools, sports clubs and community groups.


Scott Espie

I have been a resident of Beach Haven for 8 years.This is my first term on the Birkenhead Licensing Trust and I am enjoying getting to know the process and seeing all the good organisations we support. 

It's great to see all the good work being done in the community. I have been impressed with the attitude and quality of the other Trustees and think we all share a common goal of doing as much as we possibly can for the local community, seeing that as many groups as possible can benefit. 

I am excited to being involved in the Trust as we go through a new investment phase and confident this will see even more benefits for the local community. 


Shane Prince

I have lived in Birkenhead for 28 years and this is My first term on the Trust, I am enjoying my role as a trustee and working with the other trustees.

During my career I have held several Management positions and am currently employed by Turners as General Manager North Island, sit on the Executive team for the company and am a qualified Auctioneer.

As an Auctioneer I have donated many hours fundraising for schools, sporting teams, Scouts and other community groups.

I have always been involved within the community and have served 29 years in the New Zealand Fire Service as a Volunteer Fire Fighter, currently holding the position of Officer in Charge at the Birkenhead Station

The Trust plays a very important role in our community, supporting many community groups and organisations.


Paula Gillon

Paula Gillon is a former member of the North Shore City Council, Birkenhead Northcote Community Board and Glenfield Community Board. She was born in Glenfield, raised in Birkenhead, attended Northcote College and now lives in Beach Haven. Paula is a secondary English teacher and loves working with young people. She has recently become a mother. 

Paula feels that over the past three years it has been an absolute privilege to support a wide variety of groups within our community through providing monetary grants. Her knowledge of local community groups has assisted her in voicing support for applications from throughout our area.

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